About Samaritan’s Place

Margaret Rowe Atkins was the grandmother of Samaritan’s Place founders, Marc and Marilen Morris. In 1922, four year old Margaret was placed in an orphanage in Cleveland, Tennessee USA. Losing both parents to death from TB and war, she lived twelve (12) years in the Home for Children.

Programs and Services

Residential Care

Samaritan’s Place’ residential care structure is what would be classified as family-like care (United Nations, 2010) or small-group homes.

Community Outreach

Kidz Klub – Started in 2000 when community children would come and observe the children and staff of SP play in the yard.

Liaison Services

Samaritan’s Place is approved and licensed
by the Inter-country Adoption Board (ICAB) to serve as a liaison

SP Staff











Fun Facts About Samaritan’s Place


When SP began, the founders did not have adoption as a program. Adoption was only discussed after an adult foster child visited SP and shared his desire to have been chosen by parents. When the founders presented to the Board a possible change in its program, the only directive what that the children be placed in homes that would love, protect, care for them as much as SP did. During the discussion, tears were shed.


Infant Unit began in 2001 because on the pressing need of infant care. When the need was presented to the board it was approved with the condition that SP can sustain the program. Within 2 days, the infant unit was equipped with cribs, high chair, strollers, infant clothes, feeding bottles, milk, infant cups, plates, and utensils.


The first infant was named after the founder’s grandmother, Margaret Atkins. They met each other 2 weeks before Margaret went home to be with the LORD.


SP children are now with the forever families in the Philippines, Australia, Canada, Finland, France, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and USA

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