March news: One of the SP children, a two year old little girl, was picked up by her adoptive parents. We did our usual “SP” things to strengthen the bond between the parents and child.

We arranged Skype every day for the family and printed the parents photos (with their permission) to show to the child. We talked about the adoptive parents (AP) with the child many times during each day, and asked the child to proudly show her adoptive parents (AP) pictures to anyone …and everyone.

At pick-up, all went well. The child immediately went to her adoptive parents (AP) with no problem or crying.

Some things we have seen & learned about adoption pick-up to be proven true:

  • Skype  (or any video call) is a wonderful thing, no matter how young the child. It allows the child (for infants) to hear the voices and see the faces of their AP. We also put their picture right beside the screen. It is amazing to watch how the child’s eyes move from the picture to the Skype screen of his/her AP online.
  • For AP, the video call is also important. They get to visually see how their child currently looks and get a “guesstimate” of the size needed for clothes, shoes, color of clothing, etc.
  • Then, when the AP arrive at SP, we hug them, pat them, rub their arms … demonstrating to the child that SP staff (the people the child trust) are comfortable with the AP. When they know we trust and are comfortable with the AP, the child becomes at ease with them as well.
  • As a child caring agency, we need and use the family book of the AP to help prepare the child.

We are often asked, ” How do the other children feel? This is a very appropriate question!

Several times, including this March, one child asked repeatedly, “When do I get a Mama and Papa?” (Side note: amazing how they always say “and”). Others may not ask verbally, but their silence and body language tells it all.

We encourage the children to celebrate as their friends join their adoptive family and remind them that we are all praying to the LORD to also prepare for them their own parents. But if SP has to be their Forever Family, we will daily show support, love, and care for them. While their young minds may not fully comprehend how and why things are like this for them, we make sure they know they feel loved, safe and belong with the SP family!

Please help us pray for more adoptive parents that love the LORD Jesus and love children! May more families open their hearts and homes to children yearning to be chosen.


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Date : 25 Dec 2014

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