Teams and Volunteers

Purposeful partners are what SP depends on. Teams, church groups, individuals (short & long term), volunteers are a big help to SP. They lighten the everyday load for the staff and administration. They make it about SP and not about themselves.

SP has been blessed with these kind of partners; but we need more slots to be filled and we need more alternate teams so that it does not fall on just one team, one church, or some individuals.

Definite teams, church group, individual, volunteers needed are for the following:

  • February 10 – 17 : For the Valentine Event
  • April (mid-end) : To handle Vacation Bible School
  • May : To do 1-on-1 tutorial to prepare the children for upcoming June school

For foreign volunteers please go to

For local volunteers please email us at

Class Activities


Date : 25 Dec 2014

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