Samaritan’s Place’ residential care structure is what would be classified as family-like care (United Nations, 2010) or small-group homes (Cantwell, Davidson, Elsley, Milligan, & Quinn, 2012).

When the Morris’ interviewed Mama Morris, she was asked what she would have changed in her orphanage and she said that she wished that she had a mother and a father in the home and that they should do that – and so they did!

Without knowing about de-institutionalization, Samaritan’s Place has been de-institutionalized from the time it was conceived. This is the reason why Samaritan’s Place is the last stop before they are placed with their Forever Family whether thru domestic or international adoption.

The conditions resemble that of a family environment with a married couple hired by Samaritan’s Place to act as surrogate parents in a home built by Samaritan’s Place situated in a safe, clean, and child-friendly environment.

Samaritan’s Place receives children ages 0-7 who are abandoned, orphaned, and surrendered. Sibling groups are considered and may be received if 50% of the sibling group fall in that age category.

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