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For its clients to be empowered to become healthy, educated, socially and spiritually developed persons that can experience his or her God-given potential in life. Thus, they will become responsible members of society functioning in positive and meaningful ways for their own families, community and country.


The mission of Samaritan’s Inc. is to help “ build a hope and future” in the lives of its clients by providing high quality residential care, community based and training programs in a loving family-style Christian environment.


  • to reintroduce the importance of family and reinforce the responsibilities/rewards that come with being in one;

  • to assist its clients in their physical, spiritual, educational, psychological development to help prepare them for living  productive and successful lives;

  • to establish itself as a self-reliant and economically sustainable organization;

  • to be a vital partner member of the NGO community facilitating and working with other NGOs, LGUs and the private sector in eliminating poverty, dysfunctional families and disadvantageous conditions/status of orphaned, abandoned and neglected children;

  • to serve as a model NGO operating at a high standard of operational strategy and integrity.

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